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(Rajka Milanovic Galbraith), a facebook colleague.
The words below are hers, not mine, but when I read her message, it deeply resonated within me as it echoed many of the same sentiments.

As an integrative MD, there are many challenges I endure on a daily basis in my practice.
All I want to do is spread the wealth of health, and teach my patients to be proactive and preventative.
And even if they have chronic medical conditions, those can be treated and even reversed if they think outside the box.

I spend hours/days/months communicating with my patients even when I am not “working,” because that is how much my patients mean to me.

I am a traditional MD by training, and I embrace it, but I am also an integrative MD.
Synergistiq Integrative Health was born from struggles I endured in my life.
When my father passed away 5 years ago from something that was preventable, I knew I had to step up and be the change I wanted to see in healthcare today.

And that is why I do what I do. Every day. 24/7/365.
My patients always hear me say…Your health is an investment, not an expense.
Reexamine your lifestyle…diet, exercise, sleep, stress.
It is not that difficult.

I am here to guide and help you.
But you have to be willing to make the change and go outside your comfort zone.
I think the mentality is that when people pay a $35 copay as compared to $350 for an office visit, what they are not understanding are a few critical points.

1) I am not spending 15 min with you and sending you off and not communicating with you. I am spending 90 minutes, answering every question you have, giving you tons of information

2) You are not getting to the root cause, so that $35 copay is multiplied by 20x at least, going back to the doctor over and over and seeing specialists, getting countless tests, being put on expensive meds that cause more issues eventually

3) Consider the fact you spend $5 for a latte everyday over a month. that money could be used towards your health

4) Patients who see cash-based docs spend less in a year as compared to seeing insurance-based docs. Why? Because a patient on average sees me 3-4 times per year, because they are getting healthier, not sicker, thus they have less need to seek healthcare/sickcare. patients are taught to be proactive, not reactive. So, all in all, it is up to the patient/person to determine how sick and tired they are of feeling tired and sick. It is never too early or too late to take control of your health. Just do it, and consider it the best investment you’ll ever make. Because disease isn’t cheap, but prevention is in the long run.

Functional Medicine IS NOT expensive!

Your health is only as expensive as you make it. If you don’t value your health then it will become expensive. You can choose what you value. Is it netfix, daily starbucks, eating out every weekend, buying XYZ products that you don’t need?

Or perhaps you want to stay on that drug that costs thousands, may cause you cancer or a life threatening infection. I don’t knock drugs as sometimes they are necessary. But if we cumulatively spread the word, I firmly believe there will not be a need for expensive drugs.

I am so tired of hearing that Functional Medicine is expensive. What have you lost by not being cured? Your job? Sick days? Loved ones because you are too irritable and moody to cope? After 21 years, I have seen it all.

I am so tired of having my skills put limitations on. I can’t guide you to health if you don’t change, if you won’t be tested, if you decide you won’t follow up for 3 months.

I am inspired to write as the icing on the cake was seeing a colleague at my side gig hospitalized 8 times in 4 months. A colleague who is now going on to have 2/3 of her dead bowel resection for Crohn’s!!!! A disease that IS reversible.

“Gluten free is hard,” she said. I met with the rep for a high dose probiotic to get her a free month’s supply of VSL (a high dose probiotic) and you all have to know how much I hate having meetings that I don’t have to have… My boss at my side gig offered to pay my consulting fees, all lab testing and all supplements… for this colleague. The offer was declined. She was not worthy? I believe it was her limiting beliefs: not being worthy is one of them. All I know is that the surgery is going to leave her in a much worse state.

This person is only one example of many I have seen.

So what excuse do you tell yourself? You don’t have time? You don’t have money? You are not worthy of feeling well?

You and your family depend on it. There is a ton of FREE information out there. Listen to one of the many free summits held at least monthly.

Here is a link: https://healthtalksonline.com/event-calendar/

Health is really expensive when you don’t have it!