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In the quest to reduce the toxic burden inside our bodies by eating clean, we often neglect what we do outside our body.
And what I mean by that is, topical products.
Topical products can be as dangerous, if not more, as compared to what we consume because our skin is the largest organ and what we put on it, seeps right into the blood.
In fact, taking things orally is the least effective way to get things in the body.
That is why many meds and vitamins are administered via IV or injection or sublingual or topical.
As a woman, or shall I say human, with vanity, because we all have it, it maintains our sanity, honestly…so I took a close and hard look and topical products.
Things like shampoos, lotions, perfumes, soaps, cleansers, essential oils, nail polish, makeup, hair products, deodorants…
A big culprit people ignore are hair dyes and hand sanitizers.
The carcinogenic load in these items are horrific.
I love my lipstick.
In fact, you may never see me without it, if that is the only thing I need to put on my face.
I actually do not wear any makeup, as in foundation, never did.
I just like my lipstick, a touch of eyeshadow to brighten my eyes and the second most important thing to me is my eyeliner, what we call kohl kajal in Hindi.
It’s a very Indian thing and I embrace it.
I don’t wear mascara and never had eyelash extensions.
I just use castor oil to keep my lashes and brows healthy.
Back to the lipstick…
In this picture (yes, my lips are real, and believe it or not, I used to be very embarrassed of them growing up)…
what you see is a two ingredient lip color.
I took beet juice and mixed it with coconut oil (I have tried vaseline as well, because it is such a great moisturizer).
Vaseline actually worked better than the coconut oil.
But vaseline is petrolatum, which can be toxic.
Here are some alternatives for vaseline
You can use beeswax as well.
You heat the oil or vaseline until it is melted and then add some beet juice.
And voila.
This was by the end of the day, so it had faded somewhat, but I still loved it.
Knowing that I can decrease toxic exposure inside and outside my body, allows graceful and optimal aging, and you just feel good about it.
Update: rosacea on my cheeks has cleared up quite a bit with my new skin regimen (see a previous post on that).
Be natural, inside and out ☀️