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How We Will Get Through This

1) Stress Relief Kits
2) Immunity Booster Kits
3) Exosomes and Thymosin
We are going through a mentally and physically challenging time, something we have never experienced before…As a frontline integrative MD, Dr Verma is making sure to address the mind-body-spirit as we delve into the unknown. Call today to get your customized kits for bolstering immunity, relieving stress and insomnia and anxiety.
As many of you know, supplies are limited and fast becoming backordered…so don’t wait until it’s too late. Dr Verma is staying ahead of the game and working overtime to provide the best care for you though many things are out of our control. Exosomes have now come to the spotlight in the battle for immunity. There are also approved pharma treatments that you may want to discuss with Dr Verma if it is right for you!
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