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Saturday affirmations.

Everyone has their own idea of perfection. For me, it’s imperfect perfection. We strive to attain a certain ideal, and whether it’s pressure from ourselves or the outside world, we have to take a step back and take a real hard look as to what defines “perfection.” Age is just a number, and I ain’t no spring chicken. But I feel better than I did twenty years ago. I like to take care of myself, as naturally as possible. Everyone is different, and to each his own. There may come the day I opt to have a cosmetic procedure or two, I don’t know. But for now, I prioritize eating well, exercising, meditating, sleeping 7-8 hours nightly, minimizing toxic exposure to chemicals and being grateful. We may not be able to turn back the hands of time, but we can age gracefully and optimally, both men and women. I know there may be double standards, like men with gray hair look more distinguished, while women with grays make them look older, and the pressure to keep up with maintaining youth can be overwhelming. Women place a lot of pressure on themselves to stay young. I know for me personally, I have gone through many phases. The biggest one was being pregnant five times in a span of four years, and having three amazing pregnancies, all au natural, then breastfeeding.

Seeing my body transform each time was a miracle.

And here I am now.

Drinking my plant-based beet-avocado-spinach-banana smoothies and getting a great workout in on Saturday morn.

Do what’s right for YOU.

Don’t succumb to pressure from the outside world.

Be the best version of you that you can be.

In my last pic, I decided to not have an ounce of lipstick or eyeliner on. I often think sometimes I hide behind those so no one can ever see the real me, but I decided, it’s okay…
to be vulnerable sometimes.