Synergistiq Wellness


So, what’s for dinner tonight?
Needed a quick prep dinner as I have tons of work to still do.

What is that? It’s a collagen peptide powder with other goodies in there like bamboo and aloe and biotin and glucosamine that is called H-S-N Complex. No, it’s not from the Home Shopping Network. I kid you not, I just felt like I had a glass of lemonade. Only it was the healthiest lemonade ever.
H-S-N = Hair-Skin-Nails ?? ♀️??

I think the name says it all, not that there’s alcohol in there, but in a figurative sense. Feel free to pair it with a glass of wine ? or sake ?, but I liked my H-S-N lemonade drink with it.
I also added some more of my own steamed broccoli. ??
Cruciferous veggies = anti-cancer

I literally ate only three spoons, just because…sometimes you want to end with a li’l sweetness.
But not too much. ?

See, who says being plant-based is boring or a challenge?
Embrace it.
It’s good for you.
??????? ♀