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You know what a big plant-based diet advocate I am, for several reasons.
Think clean and green and lean.
Think alkaline.
Think low risks of chronic disease and inflammation and cancer.
Think antioxidant, protein, calcium and iron rich.
Think horses ?
Best example of being energetic and powerful and having muscle mass and terrific hair.All because they are vegetarian.
I mean, why would we measure strength in horsepower?
Some of Earth’s most massive and strongest creatures are vegetarian/vegan…bison, elephant, gorilla, rhino, wildebeest…
If you are willing to go plant-based, you must understand that a plant-based diet can offer much more protein and calcium and even iron than a non-vegetarian diet.

Here is a list of some of the best veggies that are loaded with a good amount of protein.


Also, it is important to know how to balance macronutrients…carbs and proteins and good fats.
Everyone needs the right ratios of these 3 macronutrients.
Diets based on your genetics can help you see how to structure your meals.
Do not over do any one macronutrient.
As a general rule, carbs (the right ones) should encompass about 50% of diet, protein is about 25% and good fats about 25%.
Everybody freaks out about carbs, but they are essential as they are fuel for our cells and ATP production and for mitochondria, which are the powerhouse cells for energy production.
You just have to know what the right types of carbs are.

Watch the Netflix documentary, Food Inc.
It is eye-opening and may make you reconsider eating meat, or at least not have a diet that is largely centered around meat.



Stay cool and enjoy summer!