Synergistiq Wellness


People often wonder what it’s like when
Dr. Verma raids her fridge.
And what’s in her fridge
And what cravings does she get
Well, let me speak for her
Being a super clean, plant-based eater, and yes, that’s where I get all my perfect forms of calcium and protein and iron and vitamins and minerals and antioxidants…
and why I have been the fittest and leanest I have ever been in my life…
and why I feel and look the best I have ever been…
I eat and drink goodies like this.
This cashew cream queso with organic tortilla chips was yummy.
Then I infused some turmeric and honey and ginger in the matcha beverage.
So, though I don’t indulge in midnight snacks, I go to sleep feeling fulfilled, without guilt of eating bad foods.
And that’s how I end my 13 hour work day today.
Good night