Synergistiq Wellness


The cutting edge CVAC pod, a hypobaric altitude simulator chamber that goes from sea level and maxes out at 22,500 feet above sea level, known to enhance stamina, endurance, muscle conditioning and may be helpful in numerous medical conditions.
This can essentially create a super human if used on a regular basis.
It is ultimately mentally and physically rejuvenating.
Within a 20 min session, the pressure & altitude fluctuate between 200-400 times, unlike anything in real life, including free fall. This can also help rehab from injuries while promoting healing and wellness overall.
This was the first major investment I made into Synergistiq when I opened up 5 years ago.
You’re really missing out if you don’t know about this.
I was going stir-crazy at work, so I jumped in the pod and did 40 min in this baby ???
I know I am going to feel like super woman tomorrow when I work out and sleep like a baby tonight.
It’s effortless reconditioning of the mind-body-soul.