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So, I am a few days late with this pic celebrating National Women Physician Day.
But that’s because I was busy taking care of patients, lol.
In all seriousness, I wear this shirt in honor of my idol, whom I watched religiously growing up.
Superheroes aren’t just men.
As an ethnic female, 1st generation born to immigrant parents, striving to fit in, I found who I really was.
Sometimes I don’t get taken seriously because I don’t fit the stereotypical physician.
I get called by my first name while my male colleagues are addressed as Dr.
I became who I am because I persevered all those years in school despite getting bullied.
I was an athlete.
I was a nerd.
I was a dancer.
Getting accepted into med school and going through residency, becoming chief resident, becoming a mother, losing my father, getting divorced, becoming a self-taught business woman running her own medical practice…
it all shaped who I have become.
My aspirations and dreams always trumped the expectations people have had of me…
because I never conformed to the expected standards, and I never will.
I look younger than I am, I have tattoos, my nose is pierced, I like to be edgy with fashion, and I speak my mind.
But I practice medicine with a pure and compassionate heart.
I love helping and healing people and spreading the wealth of health.
As an ethnic female physician, born in America, going through all my schooling here in this land of opportunity, I celebrate every woman who stands on her two feet, representing strength and kindness and love.
If I can inspire one person each day, then I know I am doing my job.